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Patient Safety and Infection Control Initiatives (SP)

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that 5%-10% of hospitalized patients develop a healthcare-associated infection (HAI),1 corresponding to approximately 2 million HAIs associated with nearly 100,000 deaths each year in US hospitals.2 The risk of serious complications due to HAIs is particularly high for patients requiring intensive care.3 A number of factors likely contribute to this problem, including increasing rates of antimicrobial resistance, the development of progressively more-complex medical procedures and invasive medical technology that place patients at risk for procedure- or device-related infections, and an increasingly elderly and immunocompromised patient population.

A & T Respiratory Lectures has developed a series of easily accessible and affordable educational courses focused on various aspects of Patient safety through Infection control initiatives. The course content is designed and presented by experts in the field.

Patient Safety and Infection Control Initiatives:

This course is approved for 2 AARC CEU's. You must complete the 2 modules to get your certificate. You will have a 10 question comprehensive post test at the end. You must acheive a passing score of 70%. You can retake the test as many time as you want. Remember, each course has a PDF download and questions are based on the the content in the PDF.

Course Objectives

1. The learner should be able to describe the more recently introduced initiatives to enhance patient safety.
2. Describe some ways in which newer patient safety initiatives can be applied at bedside. 
3. Describe the different pathogens in the ICU
4. Describe methods to reduce the spread of these pathogens

Title of Courses:

  • An Update On Medical Errors and Patient Safety Initiatives (1 AARC CEU)
    Albert Heuer PhD, MBA, RRT, RPFT. FAARC  
  • Watch this video for course content
  • Note: PDF of the topic will be available in the "Material" Section

  • Hospital Acquired Infectious Disease (1 AARC CEU)
    Terrence Shenfield MS, RRT-ACCS, RPFT, NPS, AE-C 
  • Watch this video for course content
  • Note: PDF of the topic will be available in the "Material" Section