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Respiratory Therapy memberships include the following:

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AARC Approved CEUs:

At A&T Respiratory Lectures, you can confidently earn your degree in respiratory therapy. Our programs have received AARC approval, a recognized standard. With instruction from professionals and AARC fellows, we simplify learning for your promising future in respiratory therapy.

Free CEUs for Respiratory Therapists:

Improve your abilities in free respiratory therapy course with our aarc course! Simply sign up to access essential learning without a credit card. All three things—gaining knowledge, certification, and RRT CEUs—are free. Enroll right away to not miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

Live Webinars for Interactive Learning:

Experience interactive learning through our live webinars and online passive education formats. Stay engaged with world-class speakers as they deliver in-depth insights and practical tips for your respiratory therapy practice.

Continuous Learning and Tracking:

Using our platform, you can diligently manage your CEUs and license renewal as a Registered Respiratory Therapist (RRT). Access resources, keep track of courses you've taken, and print certificates whenever it suits you. With the help of our intuitive tools and committed team support, keep up with the times and maintain your professional development. Improve your career quickly and easily.

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Exciting Destination Conferences:

Join us for our unforgettable destination conferences! Experience unique learning opportunities in breathtaking locations such as Cancun, Punta Cana, Jamaica, and even on cruise ships. These conferences offer an enriching blend of education, networking, and relaxation.

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Learn and track topics:

We store all completed courses on our website, allowing you to easily review them and print certificates whenever needed. Moreover, we manage the tracking of your CEUs to facilitate your licensure renewal process.


1What are AARC-approved courses?

AARC-approved courses are educational programs that meet the high standards set by the American Association of Respiratory Care (AARC). They ensure quality education for respiratory specialists.

2 How do I access free respiratory CEUs?

To access free respiratory CEUs, sign up for a free account on our platform. No credit card is required. Simply create an account and start learning.

3What is the benefit of attending live webinars?

Live webinars offer interactive learning experiences. World-class speakers provide in-depth insights and practical tips relevant to respiratory therapy practice.

4 How can I track my completed courses for licensure renewal?

We offer continuous learning and tracking. All completed courses are available on our website for your review, and you can print certificates at any time. This makes licensure renewal easy

5 What are destination conferences?

Destination conferences are unique learning opportunities held in breathtaking locations. They combine education, networking, and relaxation, creating a memorable experience for participants

6 How can I upgrade my skills with unlimited CEU access?

You can upgrade your skills with our subscription options. For just $99/year or $150/2 years, you get unlimited access to a variety of AARC-approved courses.

7 Are the courses accessible for busy professionals?

Yes, our evidence-based courses offer convenient access. You can learn at your own pace and fit your professional development around your schedule.

8 How do I ensure my CEUs meet industry standards?

Rest assured, all our courses are AARC-approved, ensuring that the content meets industry standards and provides high-quality education for respiratory specialists.

9 How do I join the destination conferences?

To join our exciting destination conferences, simply sign up for the membership that includes this benefit. You'll have the opportunity to learn and network in amazing locations.